We have built wpHelp24 to get rid of all WordPress headaches

Hello there! My name is Ross Karpov.

I am an entrepreneur, a blogger, co-founder of wpHelp24.com, and a passionate WordPress user and developer.

Small technical issues with WordPress have always annoyed me along my entrepreneurial and blogging career.

WordPress is a great platform, but if you run an active business or blog, something always needs to get changed, breaks down or does not work as expected.

I hired developers, fixed a lot of things myself and read a ton of stuff on wordpress.org and stackexchange.com.

It’s not that you can’t do a lot of these WordPress things yourself or with the help of a developer.

You can. But it is so distracting and sucks away so much of your time, money and energy.

wpHelp24.com is meant to help small businesses and bloggers run their WordPress without any issues or headaches and at minimal cost.

It was born out of personal pain.

I gathered together a team of expert developers and we launched wpHelp24.com.

The team is spread over the US, Europe (Austria, Germany) and Asia (Philippines).

For a flat fee of $69, we take care of backups, updates, security, bug fixes, design changes and a few other useful things.

For those who are low on cash or just want to try it out, we offer a free plan.

You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

So, sign up for the plan which suits you best and, please, give us feedback, especially if something sucks or infuriates you.