3 simple steps how to fix wordpress dashboard and site failing to load

Problem description:

Our back-end dashboard is failing to load and when it loads, takes up to 5 minutes to load a page or update pages. It was working perfectly last week.

Can you help us speed up our dashboard? The site itself is also taking a long time to load, sometimes more than 2 minutes.

Not for sale

How we have fixed it:

notforsalecampaign.org. had a massive speed problem. It wouldn’t load or would load only after a few minutes of waiting.

Clear, visitors would get irritated and leave. Company employees were also quite upset.

We have identified 3 major steps which tremendously improved load time.

Look at them. If you have any of the same issues – fix them. It’s easy and will bring you huge improvements.

So, here are the three simple steps how you can fix wordpress dashboard and site failing to load:

Clean up your plugins

Not for sales was bloated with plugins.

When I looked at the dashboard, I was impressed by the number of plugins.

There were at least a few dozen of active and inactive plugins.

First of all I have asked Thomas (he is in charge of the wordpress site) to identified plugins which were not necessary or not used anymore and remove them.

Unused and old stuff was quickly gone.

Then we ran a handy plugin P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) which we use regularly on wphelp24.com.

It helped us to identify several other plugins which have significantly slowed the site.

They were gone or replaced by other “lighter weight” plugins.

After cleaning up plugins, the dashboard started to load much faster.

Big images on landing pages and in blog posts

Second big issue: images on landing pages and in many blog posts were not optimized.

A lot of images were over 1 mb large.

Needless to say, pages and blog posts with such images loaded forever.

I asked Thomas to go through all images on landing pages and the largest ones in the posts and optimize them for the web.

Optimization of images for the web can be easily accomplished in photoshop or in almost any other image editing software.

Free tool called Screaming Frog helped us to identify large images in blog posts.

Otherwise, it would be horrible to look for large images in every post manually 🙂 .

After large images were gone, the site has lost a tremendous amount of unnecessary weight.

Landing pages and most of the blog posts started to load within several seconds.

Third issue: hosting plan

After looking at the hosting plan we saw that it was well suited for a small beginner site, but definitely not enough for a large site as notforsalecampaign.org.

If you want your site to load fast, your hosting plan has to suit your site’s size.

You can not run quickly in small shoes. Same as your grown up site can not run optimally on a hosting subscription for a toddler site.

I have asked Thomas to upgrade hosting plan to a fit Not for sale’s size and traffic volume.

So, these were the three simple steps which we used to improve speed. And it did help.

Guys, of course, it is not a complete list of improvements which you can do on your site.

But, should you have any of the above mentioned issues, fix them.

They are low hanging fruits.

Customer testimonial:

" Thanks for your support. I'll also take a look at the Media Temple hosting. "

Not for sale

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