25 Best WordPress business websites & what you should learn from them

It was hard to come up with a list of just 25 best WordPress business websites

There are literally hundreds of sites which would easily fit into these category

But we have limited the list to the best ones from our point of view.

It is clear that you might and even should disagree.

If you do, simply add a comment with your best WordPress business  websites.

If they fit well, we will add them to the list.

We have selected the most awesome WordPress business websites from these 3 categories:

  • Small and medium businesses
  • Big corporations
  • Media companies

The sites are listed in no particular order.

Besides just listing the best websites we have provided a short summary of what you might learn from each one and implement on your WordPress site.

We still can’t believe it, all these great business websites are powered by WordPress:

01 Google Ventures

Google Ventures with its superb responsive design

Google Ventures is the venture capital investment company which is part of Google Inc. It provides various forms of funding to technology companies.

What to learn and implement on your site:

  • Superb responsive design
  • Abundance of white space
  • Load time 1.3 seconds
  • Great usability

02 Xerox blog

Xerox_Blogs excellent professional design

Xerox is a large multinational printer and photocopier producer. They are credited as inventors of desktop computing and mouse. 

What to learn and implement on your site:

  • Simple professional design
  • Great slider to browse blog categories

03 PlayStation blog

PlayStation Blog - busy design, but it seems their customers love it

PlayStation does not need an introduction. It is a game console created by Sony Corporation.

What to learn and implement on your site:

  • Even PlayStation has a blog, so you really have no excuse not to have one.
  • Busy design, but gamers seem to like it. It proves again that what your customers like is more important than any conventional wisdom.

04 Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss has one of the best wordpress business websites from marketing standpoint

Tim Ferriss is a business community internet celebrity and a well known book author. Besides being an author Tim is an excellent marketer and his site proves it once again.

What to learn and implement on your site:

  • Excellent kind of New York Times style and design. It makes you feel this guy must be as important as New York Times.
  • Black background conveys seriousness and professionalism.
  • No scrolling – all information is above the fold
  • A ton of social proof
  • Call to action is the centerpiece of the page.
  • The page focuses on one simple action – “give me your email“

Tim has created the best WordPress business website from marketing standpoint among all sites we have looked at.

05 Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy loads in just 2.3 seconds besides being packed with pictures and content

Foreign Policy is a news publication which focuses on complex international and domestic issues and provides a lot of indepth analysis.

What to learn and implement on your site:

  • Excellent responsive design
  • Mobile friendly and easy to navigate
  • Load time just 2.3 seconds besides being packed with images and content
  • Good use of popups to attract new customers

Foreign Policy popup

06 Fortune.com

Fortune Business News home page snapshot

Fortune.com is a business magazines packed with indepth featured articles. It is best known for its annually published list of fortune 500 companies.

What to learn and implement on your site:

  • Simple practical design
  • Excellent mobile usability

07 Time Inc

TimeInc com front page

Time Inc is one one of the largest magazine publishers in the world. It controls over 90 newspapers and magazines. Fortune magazine belongs to Time Inc.

What to learn and implement on your site:

  • Excellent responsive design
  • Very professional usage of slider videos

08 News Corp

News Corp - perfect design

News Corp – multinational mass media company which controls the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, HarperCollins and many other major newspapers, magazines and media companies.

What to learn and implement on your site:

  • Playful but professional design
  • Excellent slider

09 VanHeusen

VanHeusen collects customer emails right on the spot

VanHeusen is a big clothing corporation which controls several major brands among them Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and many more.

What to implement on your site:

  • Don’t shy away from collecting your customers emails right on the spot. The first thing you on VanHeusen.com see is an email popup which grabs your attention and entices to give your email.
  • If your site has lots of images consider having a separate mobile version of your site. This is what VanHeusen.com does. You get a full website version on desktop and a trimmed down version if you visit on mobile.

10 Driftwood Brewing Company

If you do great design, do it everywhere, not just on your homepage

Driftwood Brewing Company is just another great beer company which conquers our attention with excellent but simple website design.

What to learn:

  • They have done a great job on the homepage, but kind of forgot about all other pages.
  • Guys, if you do it well, do it well everywhere, your customers are not going to stay just on your homepage.

11 Jewelers Exchange

Great usage of parallax scrolling on this site

Jewelers Exchange is a small but growing luxury exchange based in Florida. 

What to implement on your site:

  • Excellent usage of design to convey your brand’s value and build trust.
  • Parallax scrolling which actually improves user experience. Worth to notice that on a lot of sites parallax scrolling is out of place and ruins user experience. Use with caution. 

12 SocialMedia.org

Social Media org proves again that great usability is more important than great design

SocialMedia.org is an orgranization which helps companies and big brands to be better at social media.

What to implement on your site:

Great usability is more important than great design. At first we did not like this site. But if you take a closer look, the site offers great user experience and excellent navigation to help you find a ton of content.

13 Fusion.net

Put your most grabbing content above the fold

Fusion.net is a news network for young people. It focuses on lifestyle, entertainment and culture.

What to implement on your site:

Place your most attention grabbing content above the fold. First make sure a visitor stays on your site and then you can show all other stuff.

14 Nginx

NGINX - great server software

Nginx is a server software company. As of 2015 Nginx server powers more than 20% of all web sites on the Internet.

What to implement on your site:

  • Simple clean design
  • All important information and call to action are above the fold

15 Andreessen Horowitz

If you have a great company and great content, everything else does not matter

Andreessen Horowitz – prominent Silicon Valley venture capital company.

What to learn:

If you have a great company and offer great content everything else does not matter.

16 Worry free labs

As expected this guys offer great mobile experience. Lots of things to copy

Worry free labs is a web agency which focuses on mobile experience. Where better to show off its skills than on its own site?

What to implement on your site:

As expected this guys offer great mobile experience. Lots of things to copy.

17 Jess Marks Photography

Great design which is very hard to implement on mobile

Jess Marks Photography is a small photography studio from Australia. 

What to learn:

  • Just look at what these guys have done on a simple photography site. Their custom design is one of the best on the internet.
  • But be careful. Custom design is great, but it is very hard to implement on mobile. Jess Marks Photography is a good prove of this.

18 Tinkering Monkey

They have not overdone it with Parallax scrolling, good job

Tinkering Monkey is a small signage studio in San Francisco.

What to implement on your site:

  • Great visual presentation
  • Good implementation of parallax scrolling. They haven’t overdone it.

19 Bata.com

Great design which is even better than Pinterest

Bata.com – online shoe store

What to implement on your site:

  • Great design which is more compelling than on Pinterest.
  • Load time is 3 seconds which is good for a site based on images.

20 Iron to Iron

Don't put your face on your company's home page, better start with a good offer

Iron to Iron – a small New York based webdesign studio

What to learn:

It’s a good website. But you don’t have to show your face as the first thing on your company’s home page, unless you are a celebrity. Better start with a good compelling offer.

21 Urban Influence

Urban Influence their website shows well what kind of design they are capable of

Urban Influence – Seattle based design and branding studio. Their website shows well what they are capable of.

What to learn:

Great design and usage of video. You can learn everything about the company without clicking anywhere. You see it all on the screen.

22 Adaptable

Adaptable has great design

Adaptable – a UK based digital agency

What to learn:

Great design and excellent usability

23 Itsjustyes.com

Great design. You can not stop looking at their stuff

Itsjustyes.com – online store which sells interesting stuff and objects

What to learn:

Excellent design. It’s done so well you can’t stop looking at the products.

24 Protest.eu

Excellent user experience

Protest.eu is a stylish online store

What to implement on your site:

Excellent user experience. Creative design.

25 Thestylejunkies.com

Excellent luxury travel website

Thestylejunkies.com – luxury travel website

What to learn:

Thestylejunkies.com – the name speeks for itself. Beautiful but simple design. Excellent usage of photography.

Now it’s your turn.

Please, send us your list of the best WordPress business websites.

You can also send your site.

If it fits, we would be glad to add it.

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